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Pectin is a naturally occurring Polysaccharide which is seen in the cell walls and intercellular tissues of particular plants and is responsible for giving these walls their structure. The best source for the commercial pectin production is citrus peel.

Pectin is made up of associated Polysaccharides which will be extracted in the presence of heat, sugar or aqueous solutions of dilute acids and is able to form gel as a result.

The pectin family is classified in two basic groups, although there are many subtypes of pectin within these two basic ones. The first one is called high Methoxyl pectin which asks for high amounts of sugar to gel and is very sensitive to acidity. Low Methoxyl pectin is the second one that doesn’t require high levels of sugar to gel and is also less sensitive to acidity and needs calcium to gel.

Physical characteristic:
White, light yellow, light grey or light brown powder.