About Us
Expertise in Science of Ingredients
HANIT, headquartered in Vienna, Austria was founded in 2015 relying on two decades of experience in the innovative and standard Food, Feed, Pharmaceutical and Personal care ingredients field. We as a specialty provider have tried to focus our main attention on various kinds of high quality Hydrocolloids and Stabilizing systems.
HANIT combines the in-depth knowledge of specialty ingredients with interpretation of customer’s need to provide each of them with optimal and effective solutions, this fact along with daily efforts, dedication and commitment have stimulated a rising confidence from our customers and led us into a perfect partner for them in the mentioned industries.
A perspective on our game
Our Vision
As a pursuer
We’re seeking popularity, the one which is the result of our customer’s trust, the trust which comes from our team’s constant efforts to meet client’s needs plus offering high quality products and service.
We have always put much value on R&D since it enables us to move towards innovation and providing the best solution and quality in our way.
Sales Network
We have formed an international network through our highly qualified sales team who accomplish in delivering our service and products in the fastest and the most convenient way.
In the international market we intend to play the role of a competitive company, with a well-known brand who is successful in supplying his customers in food, feed, pharmaceutical and personal care industry with high quality ingredients. We believe that our customers are our best promoters and want that they praise us for our impeccable manner in which our company behaves in addition to flexibility in adapting to their needs, commitment and customer service.
A word with customers
Our Mission

Dear worthy customer, keep in mind that your satisfaction is such a high importance to us. It’s our strong will to turn into your main and permanent provider, the one that you trust the most and can also totally leave the quality of your ingredients and final products to it.

Our expectation

In order to provide you with your considered quality we will appreciate the fact that you support us by having patience, making regular contact with Hanit team and also exchanging your thorough demands and desires with us. In this path nothing less than your complete satisfaction can please us.